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People Need Your Skills

The Need

There is a major need for skilled and semi-skilled labour in South Africa but there is also a major challenge in matching this skills requirement with the individuals or companies that can provide these skills or labour.

More Need

There is also a great need for the government to develop new skills and enhance existing labour skills and to grow the Small to Medium Business Sector for black workers and entrepreneurs.

Even More Need

These startups require:
Assistance to run and manage small to medium business
To ensure the training and skills development matches the market requirement in a dynamic and real-time manner (train people where they are likely to be needed and find work)


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Vision and Mission

4Youths is a portal, a gateway leveraging the latest in online and analytical technology, to provide a sustainable employment model for youths from previously disadvantaged communities.




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Aligned with President's ‘Yes’ Initiative

Recognition will be provided in the form of a badge or checkbox, confirming this entity supports the presidents ‘YES’ initiative.
Their progress will be continually fed back to local and central government to provide real time feedback on employment created.

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How will 4Youths achieve this?


Communicate with ease

4Traders already has several thousand Service Providers and Suppliers in their database.
This foot print will cover every region in South Africa within the next 12 months.
These companies are continually looking for unskilled and semi-skilled labour.
Either as Casual or permanent.
There is no current platform that provides this.

Your Personal Profile

All Your Details in One Place for Clients to View.

Complete Record of person in the database.
Copy ID
Criminal Record checks where Applicable.
Certification and accreditations.
Sponsorships and/or internships.
Recorded and viewable by sponsors.


Directly procure services from 4Youths Portal

Service Providers, Suppliers, Estates, Sectional Title Units, Residents will be able to search the 4Youths portal.
Will be able to find exactly what person(s) they require.
Match them to specific date and times required.
Directly engage their Services.
Pay them through the Payment Gateway.

Encourage and Monitor Corporate Sponsorships

4Youths, convert individuals to SMME’s

The primary objective is to transform the youth into successful businesses.

Convert individual people to business people.

Service Providers/Contractors will be encouraged to take on Interns.
Will be recorded as an Intern in the database.
Recognition will be provided in the form of a badge or checkbox, confirming this entity supports the presidents ‘YES’ initiative.


Regional Skills Repository

4Youths will also have a Regional Repository of relevant educational and skills development institutions.


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Launch Yourself

4Youths, convert SMME’s to sustainable businesses

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    ..then transform these SME’s into sustainable, ongoing Enterprises by providing all the back off and other business tools and support.

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    Getting Quotes, Getting Jobs, Getting Paid

    Assist with the provision of quotes – in conjunction with 4Traders and Quote-Pro.
    Assist with invoicing customers.
    Assist with the collection of payments due.
    Assist with general accounting functions to produce monthly and annual financial statements.

  • 3
    Offer Full Business Support directly through 4Youths

    Using the Quote Pro Platform, 4Youths can enable successful businesses.


The 4Youths concept and business model can also be adopted by other business sectors.


What People have Said


Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to list?

The 4Traders – Quote Pro partnership is backed by a Government initiative to help you get skilled and find employment for you. So... it's absolutely free!

How Do the Quote Requests Work?

Plan to introduce Real Time, ‘Indicative’, quoting Fully integrated into the 4Traders Dashboard Resident or contractor quote requests will reflect directly into the Quote Pro Dashboard Will keep a record of all quotes initiated out of 4Traders

Back off Support and Functions:

Provide a contact Centre and Admin function to assist Casual Labour and Contractors as well as SME Black Owned Businesses with all of their back-office business requirements to ensure they are successful

Services Will Include

Assist where required with quotes, invoicing, collections Use industry professionals to ensure quotes are accurate, right margins etc Provide other services such as legal, secretarial etc

Skills Developments and Training

Using Analytical Tools, dynamically monitor and evaluate market demands Real Time monitoring and evaluation of market demands and needs Real Time feedback to education and training institutions on current and perceived future demands Ensure that training and skills developments is geared towards market needs and opportunities

Designed Primarily for Mobile Devices

JOHANNESBURG - President Cyril Ramaphosa is set to launch the Youth Employment Service (YES) programme

JOHANNESBURG - President Cyril Ramaphosa is set to launch the Youth Employment Service (YES) programme on Tuesday.

The project aims to help fight unemployment in the country.

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Ramaphosa hopes to help at least a million young South Africans find paid work over the next three years.

The initiative is a collaborative effort between government, business, labour and civil society.

During his State of the Nation Address last month, the president promised that his administration would place creating opportunities to fill the needs of young people at the centre of government's economic growth initiatives.

The initiative, which focuses on creating one-year paid positions for youth aged between 18 and 35, is hoping to dent the unemployment rate, currently around 27 percent, with the majority of these young people.

Ballito, Kwazulu Natal